Our People

Founders of KSEPL have been involved at farm gate level crop surveys, bulk aggregation, grading,  warehousing, transportation processing and packing as well as industrial plant and market linkages since 2008, One of the founders Sanket Kapadnis has been actively engaged with all stakeholders right from farmers, village level aggregators, market participants, warehousing cos, advising farmer producer cos and also providing stable market linkage through his customer connect and has deep understanding of the Agro-Processing Industry. Right from the beginning of their career, the founders have been focussed on vision to work at farm gate level involving not just aggregation and trade but also advisory to farmers covering new market trends such as IPM and organic norms and actively formulating strategy to bring in such advisory through structured intervention backed by network of experts in the field. This years of practical experience at the field level, farmer level and whole supply chain stakeholder level, has led to formation of this entity KSEPL, with a broad vision to build ecosystem for a truly global level value chain platform focused on safe and sustainable spices/ingredients.