Our Core Values

We strive to solve the following problem

  • Addressing issue of very low and erratic availability of IPM and Organic Core Spices starting with Turmeric
  • Addressing non-transparent valuation of farm produce and subsequent low income of Farmers
  • Addressing lack of farming efficiency at both pre- and post-harvest level through multiple interventions, at both pre- and post-harvest level and doubling of farmer income
  • Increasing rural employment opportunities for local youths by setting up permanent infrastructure at Pre- and Post-harvest operations at the farm gate
  • Addressing issue of sub-standard & adulterated Turmeric available to end consumer
  • Addressing inefficiencies of Raw Material logistics and last mile deliveries (both domestic and overseas customers) with integrated interventions focused on export growth under ODOP (One District One Product) for Turmeric crop.
  • Addressing the lack of transparency in supply chain impacting end consumers through seamless integration of farm level, processing level and port level and even overseas port level, through creation of appropriate infrastructure.


Endeavor to solve the Spice Problem of the world

  • Bringing high quality Clean, Healthy & Vibrant Turmeric from Farm to Fork.
  • Increasing exports volumes for value added products and not just Raw Material.
  • Ensuring domestic customers also get same quality and adulteration free material which is fully traceable
  • Implementing Comprehensive Farm gate level Intervention programme with aim of increasing IPM and Organic acreage as well as post-harvest management side, creating new opportunities for rural youths for local employment
  • Bringing Innovative strategy based on tech backend for last mile distribution of finished products while utilising additional processing capacities across India through contract manufacturing tie-ups, operations of which are centrally monitored for optimum processing and order management coordination and quality monitoring.
  • Farm level advisory by collaboration with central research institutes, Agritech start-up community for our interventions/programme.