From the first Turmeric Finger load we sourced , to the hundreds of truck load we produced/processed in our journey, – Passion of Quality has been the only constant.



We make right choice about your food by keeping food safety as top most priority across the value chain


We empower farmers and our communities to grow together . With our initiatives, we’ve been able to make economic, social and environmental contributions.



True to our Vision, we are determined to play our role in making the world a better place and committed to create sustainable solutions for everyone.

Farmer at Turmeric Farm


Krishi Sahyog Exports Private Limited is an integrated leading supplier of Turmeric and Ginger products.

Our vision is to build farm to customer value chain platform for India origin Spices, linking sustainable farms and smallholder farmers, certified processing plants to global customers offering them safe & quality spices & ingredients

krishi sahyog is integrated spices value chain specialist

Backward Integration

We have a strong backward integration programme with the objective of offering a fully traceable and sustainable ingredients to the global food industry.  We have also developed spice cultivation using  IPM program. 


Passion for Quality

We are a company at the edge of technology and hence  we  follow the finest practices in quality management  that begins right from the farming stage till  the finished product is packed and delivered to customer.

State of Art Technology

 We believe in being ahead of the curve. So, we have tied up with “Cryogenic Grinding Technology”  that preserves the taste and essence of spices. It is well equipped with hygiene and sanitization systems.


Turmeric & Ginger focussed ingredients

We pre-process all varieties of turmeric and ginger with activities like sun-drying, hand-sorting, machine cleaning, polishing, and grading based on the stringent quality specification and further process as per requirement.

Own farmgate sourcing projects

With  our raw material sustainability initiative, we work closely with the local farmers and provides them full education and support. We follow a coding system for their produce to extend our control over the quality and maintain complete traceability.

Reliability of Supply & Contract execution

We have consistent sourcing from farmgate and as a result we continuously process the raw material. Our tech interface always us to monitor the whole value chain and become reliable supplier for our customers.

Adaptability & Just-in-time delivery

Even when the supply chain was broken due to pandemic, we were able to manage continuous delivery of our finished product to our customers . Our motto is to do fulfillment as per customer convenience. 

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